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Enough doing the same sh*t every single year over and over again.

Didn't you say you will grind for your dream body?

Where are the results?

Where is your discipline?

Let me help you out:

Bazz' current plan: Bro Split (Premium Version)
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This is my current plan.

I’ve been running this split since February and the results speak for itself.

The bro split routine is a 5-day training program that trains each major muscle group on its own training day once per week. The bro split is one of the oldest and most widely used splits to ever exist

I created this bro split and it was the best decision of my life! The feedback from my followers showed me how this split improved my physique in such a short time.

What you get:

  • All information needed for YOUR training
  • My 5-Day Bro Split workout plan, including all exercises
  • Extra: Every exercise shown in a clip
  • Extra: Personal tips and help for your workout via Instagram DM
You will get the following files:
  • ODT (22KB)
  • ZIP (807MB)

About Me

My goal is to become successful with fitness. But not only that, it is indeed way more. I wanna build something special, something inspiring, I wanna be the motivation for other people to start chasing their dreams, building their dream physique no matter how many risks there are.

I've built a massive, loyal community over the past few years. I got their back and they got mine (especially now that my back workout is online ;)

Don't believe me? Follow my socials and see what I mean.

Stay blessed, stay shredded,